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Flasher Batteries

Every year it seems one of my batteries for the flasher goes down.   Won’t take a charge.   Time to replace it.   You have options.  Most of us carry a unit on a hopper bucket, so the physical size can vary a bit.  If you are using the plastic carrier that came with the flasher, you might need to bust out the tape measure if you are going to go the economical route.

You just need to look at the Amp Hours.    Most of the links above are for 9ah batteries.   They will last you 2-3 trips before needing to be charged.   You can save some money going to a 7ah battery, but you will need to charge it more often.

Now Steph and I carry spare batteries.  As I said before physical size is not that big of a deal in the hopper bucket.   The battery is in the big bucket on the botton that the hopper rig is hooked to, while the smaller bucket, on top, holds your catch.

I don’t recommend putting the spare in the hopper bucket, if you choose to carry one, but in a spare dry bucket in your sled.    My Dry Bucket has saved me many times.  poolbucket

  • Spare Batteries
  • Dry Gloves
  • Extra Hat
  • Extra lures and baits
  • Hand warmer packs
  • Lunch

If you know a friend who buys their pool chemicals at a warehouse store, they often come in buckets with screw on lids.   Perfect for staying dry in all weather.  Buy them a six pack of beer and they will save them up for you and your fishing pals.

Rod Pod

OK, I love it when I complain about something and a manufacturer responds with a awesome solution.   Jack just sent me this video, now I can’t wait to get my hands on them.   ROD PODs from K&E!   A simple way to keep the rods from tangling.  Looks easier than those socks and look they hang too!

The Rod Pod holds rods up to 30 inches in length and will fit most ice rods.  The design is simple and easy. There are no screws, Velcro of loose parts to break or lose. Just hold your blank of you rod on the bottom of the Rod Pod and slide it in.

I will post back and let you know how durable they are, Jack says we can break anything when we are on the hunt for Pan Fish.


NEW – Skandia Tungsten Tear Drops!

That’s right, Skandia now has a NEW line of Tungsten Tear Drop Ice Jigs.  These great Tear Drops come in size 10 & 12 and in eight great fish catching colors.  We’ve been hearing for some time now that anglers wanted a Tungsten Tear Drop and Skandia now offers such an item.   These Tear Drop jigs will be a huge hit with the anglers and an even bigger hit with the fish.  Tip them with livebait or your favorite plastic and see what happens.  Panfish are sure to love the new heavy weight Tear Drop and so will you.  So next time you’re at your favorite sporting goods store be sure to ask for the NEW Skandia Tungsten Tear Drops, you’ll be glad you did…..


Does Lure Color Really Matter?


USA Ice Team Merch

Hey our sponsors provide us with some really awesome gear!   And now several of them have made that gear available for sale to you.   Are you ready to fish with the best equipment and show your pride in USA Ice Team?    Check out these products, we love them and fish with them all the time.

StormyKromer StrikerJacket
StrikerBibs Hoodie
 720_350x350_Front_Color-StainlessSteel StegerMitts

Best of all they will donate part of the proceeds to USA Ice Team!




all-three-cHow many times have you slipped out fishing?   I really don’t like it.   Maybe you don’t go all the way down, but you still wrench your back.   Stopper has some real economical solutions to the problem.  You can swing by your local sporting goods store and pick up most of these options for around $20.


Boot Chizel Boot GripIf you want something real aggressive check out the Boot Chizels. These things will tear up a hardwood floor fast, so don’t wear them in the house. I put a pair on and they did a number on the OSB I put on the steps into the house.   The nice thing is they come on and off real easy.  One of the simplest designs I have seen, but they work great.


Save your back and backside – as well as your dignity and grab a pair for you and your fishing buddy.

MI Ice Guys Gear

The MI Ice Guys have added a new line of Merchandise.  Profits from the sale of these items will be helping fund our team as we travel to Finland this year with the USA Ice Team to compete in the World Ice Fishing Championships XII


Enter the Store here

Flasher 101

I found this great video from Marcum on Youtube on the basics of tuning and reading a flasher.   It is very similar for other brands as well, but I thought this one did a nice simple job.   Watch it here   youtube



Tungsten Fish Candy

My favorite ice jig of all time is the Pelkie Skandia ice jigs from K&E Tackle. Made of heavy tungsten, I can get my bait back down in front of the fish fast, before they move. CS_SKP_CHARTWith ultra sharp hooks and superior finishes, I haven’t fished a better jig yet. Always coming through with what the fisherman wants, K&E continues that tradition for the 2014/2015 ice season. For us panfish guys there are new colors of the original Pelkie Tungsten jigs including black with different color glitter (gold, red, purple, and green) as well as (green, orange, chartreuse, and pink) candy stripped glow jigs. These new colors are offered in both size 12 & 14.

BLK_SKP_CHARTAlso, don’t forget about the 8 colors of tungsten moon jigs that were introduced last season!!! Plus, Skandia is coming out with a NEW Diamond Eye Tungsten jig. Stay tuned for more details on that one….. I can’t wait until I get the opportunity to use these new patterns out on the ice!


80SPXXL - 3Who likes the latest in greatest in ice fishing, I DO!  Who thinks ice skimmers are boring, I DO!  Who would be wrong, that would be me……  K&E Tackle has come out with the ultimate ice skimmer.  The NEW Big Dog ice skimmer from K&E has a whopping 7 1/2″ diameter cup to take a huge bite out of any over sized ice hole.  This giant skimmer will make quick work of those 8″, 10″ or even larger holes.  This skimmer will also work great for you spear guys who saw the really big holes through the ice.


80SPX K&E actually carries a complete line of ice skimmers.  They have an ice skimmer for just about any type of fishing.  The 80SP has a 5 1/2″ diameter cup with an aluminum handle, the 80SPX has a 6 1/2″ cup and the NEW 80SPXX or BIG DOG has an oversized 7 1/2″ cup.  The 80SPX and 80SXX also featured a longer and more beefed up aluminum handle compared to normal skimmers.  Next time you’re at your favorite sporting goods store be sure to check out the NEW Big Dog Skimmer/80SPXX from K&E Tackle.