Whipper Rods

WhiprComboWell I was finally able to get to try my new 24″ Whip’r Rod by K & E.   I have a new favorite.  By extending the rod blank way past the reel, you get jiggin balance like I have never experienced.   You aren’t working the nose heavy rod and can feel the jig so transparently.

Steph and I found a nice low suspension of Crappie and went to work on them.  Ludington13After a couple of hours in the Hamlin lake wind we were able show a nice stack of slabs.   We did however get quite a few looks from the guys in the tournament around us.   One on ice observer from the tournament committee told me I was showing up more than a couple of the contestants.

So next time you are in the market for a new rod, check out the Whip’r.  I found it to be a lot less work and a lot more sensitive than my other spinning rods.   I might have to call Jack to get a longer one for those spring days in the canoe.

I wanted to share another story about our buddy Al. He has nerve damage and cannot feel his hands. We hooked him up with one of the Whip’r combos a few weeks ago and by resting the cork tail on the rod on his wrist, where he has feeling, he has been able to feel the bite and other signals through the rod for the first time in over 15 years.


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