Skandia Tungsten Jigs

0000000079603  I had the great opportunity to meet Jim & Jack from K & E Stopper Lures at an event in Diamondale, MI,  they bring us the excellent tungsten lures of the Skandia line.  Now I first found these lures at Meijer of all places.   A lot of my fishing buddies are convinced they have to spend $5-$6 for a tungsten lures, but I was getting them for $3.    I had to try them.   Steph and I used a few in the almost non existent 2011-12 season and were very pleased at the drop rate and the way they hang and present.

At times we have found ourselves fishing in deep water trying to get back to a school of fish before some large predator runs them off.  firetiger Tungsten is the trick.   We worked with meat and plastic on the hook.    #12 & #14 sizes and the result . . . a lot of fish.    So if you are looking for a fair priced jig with some fish catching potential, try these out.




Check out this easy mess.

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