2016 Fresh from Metigoshe

Special treat as we catch Chad and Anthony on the road from North Dakota to Montana as the compete on the NAFIC circuit.


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What’s new for 2015-2016

Steph joins Chas for the first two segments then Chad & Anthony pop in for some fun chat

2015 Fishin in the Garage

End of the Season / WIFC wrap up


Saturday From Kuopio

Well, the internet finally let me upload some cool stuff for you guys

Wednesday from Kuopio

Wow what a schedule of training.

March Ice

Late ice and preparing for WIFC

Look at all that ice

Here it is the first week of February and the ice is clear and strong.   Only a light snow cover in West Michigan, makes for easy drags and lots of days fishing.10931100_922572207754414_8980230948462229795_n

Mid January bite – WIFC Update

Steph and Chas have a evening of fun recording.   The Bite and tournaments lead out the episode.

Early Jan 2015 – WIFC Practice – Tournaments – Recipies

Steph and Chas in the studio tonight.    Got our beers and ready to roll.

S1 – chatting up early January fishing around Grand Rapids

S2 – recap of the WIFC practice

S3 – Fish with the MI Ice Guys on Reeds and tournament review

S4 – time to make you hungry with some talk on cooking fish, and not all fried