E507 Back from KZ

Chas, Steph, Anthony & Chad in studio with our latest MI Ice Guy Jake Meek and prospect Zach George. Special guest Kamryn.

E506 Mid February Tournament Tales

Steph and Chas in studio

E505 January Ice

Steph and Chas in Studio

E504 Pre Tournament Interviews

Chad and Steph head out west to compete in the NAIFC tournaments

E503 Live From Ice Camp

We gathered all the MI Ice Guys for the New Years weekend.   We fished for 5 days straight and had many friends join us.  We even had guys come over from Wisconsin to practice palm rods in our World Style Rage in the Cage!


Steph and Chas in the studio

E501 2017 Fishing in the Garage

Steph and Chas in studio talking fall prep


We decided to go get some Sushi and then record a mid summer episode.  Special guest Cameron R.

End of Season

Anthony and Chad made it in to join Steph and Chas to wrap up the season.

Back from Latvia

Chas and Steph grab a couple pints and kick back with a recap of the trip to the World Ice Fishing Championships.