all-three-cHow many times have you slipped out fishing?   I really don’t like it.   Maybe you don’t go all the way down, but you still wrench your back.   Stopper has some real economical solutions to the problem.  You can swing by your local sporting goods store and pick up most of these options for around $20.


Boot Chizel Boot GripIf you want something real aggressive check out the Boot Chizels. These things will tear up a hardwood floor fast, so don’t wear them in the house. I put a pair on and they did a number on the OSB I put on the steps into the house.   The nice thing is they come on and off real easy.  One of the simplest designs I have seen, but they work great.


Save your back and backside – as well as your dignity and grab a pair for you and your fishing buddy.

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