MI Ice Guys host MI Practice for USA Ice Team

Even though Anthony is not traveling with us overseas this year he did come up with a great event with Chad.   The NAIFC tournament was canceled last weekend, so he and Chad went out and found a great lake just north of GR that was full of small fish.   The goal was to have a practice to put some pressure on the USA Ice guys that came out.   He invited Past, present and some future team members to have a palm rod throwdown!

Chas and Steph served as officials and were able to practice some spotting techniques as the games were held.

Myron Gilbert, the fishing legend  from Brooklyn, MI, whipped the boys in shape in the first round of first angler to 24 fish.   He had many words of wisdom for the younger guys who didn’t keep up to the 2 time NAIFC Champ.

The Second round was a timed round where our hot prospect Keith Kniffen from Eaton Rapids, MI, quickly took a lead in the shallower water we had moved to.    As anglers caught a fish they showed it to Steph or Chas to be counted and then released.    Chas called Keith’s name so often another competitor mentioned he was tired of hearing that name.

After a bit of Schmohz IPA that Chas brought, the third round in much deeper water.   Chad Schaub got his game on and showed the guys how it was done.   With a bit of a twist the fish were at 5-6 ft in 30+ feet of water.

We all had an awesome time and the guys got some great practice for next week in Latvia.   Mike Bodecker even came over with Myron to help coach the guys.  Bo is a master of fishing.  It was really great to hear the experiences of a double World Gold Medalist!


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