Kids on Ice

One of the most fun thing is t pass on the tribal knowledge of ice fishing to the next generation.  Over the last couple weeks we had a blast teaching kids to fish.   One Saturday it was the kids from the D.A. Blodgett – St. John’s Home.    They have there own Adventure Lady  that takes the kids out to see the world around them.   Chas met up with them in 2016 at the Grand Rapids Steelheaders meeting.   They were giving the kids fishing poles and asked if MI Ice Guys could help out with some lures.    A big bag of K & E Stopper jigs rounded out the donation, but 2016 ice was gone by the time the MI Ice Guys returned from Ukraine.  So the first saturday in Feb some 20 kids got to experience ice fishing.

On the second Saturday of Feb 25+ Cub Scouts joined us on the ice.    Steph had the AquaView camera out, Joppie from the Grillin Guys Radio Show brought a Grill and our sponsors came through with some great donations to make sure every kid had a bucket, jigs and a rigged pole!   Mrs. T (Chas’ mom) even embroidered up patches so these future addicts of hardwater fishing will always remember fishing and eating hot dogs with the MI Ice Guys.


We even had one family come from Ionia to join in on the fun.   After we got the boys and some of the moms catching fish,  settled down to practice some palm rod.    I got into some 6 inch perch and was hitting them about 1 every 30 sec.    One of the biggest things was trying to keep the boys from walking on my line when I threw the rod.

Check out the some pics below from our adventure with the boys.