Kahtoola MICROspikes

Well I finally got a chance to try out the new spikes that Steph got me. Katoola I have had several pairs and was about to go to building my own. Not many spikes fit my size 14 boots and give you solid coverage. These things are like wearing my Redwing Looger boots in the woods. Now for those of you in West Michigan you know that Mother Nature has been teasing us with cold and way too much snow to give us safe ice. So when I got a call from a friend that Campau lake had gotten 3.5 inches of ice, I was ready to go. Now some of you have heard the story from last year about the day I slipped and fell on Muskellunge Lake and scared the crap out of everyone that that 4-5 inches was going to blow out when my fine beer drinking wide load hit the ice, it was the first thought in my mind. So I put the new spikes on the big green thinsulate boots and headed out. I felt like I had the traction of a T9 dozer. The pack snow did not build up and just make a glob on the bottom of my boots, masking the spikes. The heavy duty chains hooked into the 400 Stainless spike bars with 3/8 inch sharp spikes easily shed the snow and slush as we made our way out to catch some fish.

I decided I was going to keep mine right on my boots and just slip on some smaller shoes to drive in, not sure how much love they would give the floor mats and pedals in the truck.

When your ready to get serious about not slipping, check out Kahtoolas.