Well as summer has dished out weather that makes you think that Ice will never form on the lakes, we have decided to press on and launch MI Ice Guys.   Last winter gave us a lot of time to talk about fishing, since the Ice was so hard to find and catch.   A result of this was the idea that we share our knowledge, stories, and equipment deals.

We hope that you will join us this fall as we produce podcasts to listen to on the ice.  Why podcasts?  Why not radio?   Although I do enjoy listening to talk radio and in fact contribute to several shows, you have to remember to turn on the radio at the right time.  But I know, you can download many shows as podcasts.  So why not just skip the radio bit and just publish podcasts you can subscribe to on your smartphone, or tablet, and listen when you have time.  Besides radio time is expensive.

So stay tuned and keep an eye open for the MI Ice Guys stickers on buckets and sled this winter.

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