80SPXXL - 3Who likes the latest in greatest in ice fishing, I DO!  Who thinks ice skimmers are boring, I DO!  Who would be wrong, that would be me……  K&E Tackle has come out with the ultimate ice skimmer.  The NEW Big Dog ice skimmer from K&E has a whopping 7 1/2″ diameter cup to take a huge bite out of any over sized ice hole.  This giant skimmer will make quick work of those 8″, 10″ or even larger holes.  This skimmer will also work great for you spear guys who saw the really big holes through the ice.


80SPX K&E actually carries a complete line of ice skimmers.  They have an ice skimmer for just about any type of fishing.  The 80SP has a 5 1/2″ diameter cup with an aluminum handle, the 80SPX has a 6 1/2″ cup and the NEW 80SPXX or BIG DOG has an oversized 7 1/2″ cup.  The 80SPX and 80SXX also featured a longer and more beefed up aluminum handle compared to normal skimmers.  Next time you’re at your favorite sporting goods store be sure to check out the NEW Big Dog Skimmer/80SPXX from K&E Tackle.