November 2015


Gearing Up for Ice!

Most of us have enjoyed this last little blast of warm weather.  We’ve gotten out mowed the lawn for the last time, raked leaves, stored the boat and got things ready for winter.  However reality is coming soon with colder weather and eventually snow and ice.

Cadillac Group A 001This in-between time is a great time to get out the ice gear and get things ready to go.  Put new line on the rods, check your selection of ice jigs, you know you could always use more.  Make sure the batteries in your electronics are charged up and ready to go.  Don’t forget to check the blades on your auger, maybe it’s time for a new set.  Be sure to have all of your accessories on hand too.  You’ll need a skimmer or two, maybe a spud, plus boot cleats and ice picks going across early ice with little to no snow are always a good idea.

In closing, the anticipation for many ice anglers is really starting to build and we can’t wait to get out there and start fishing.  Most important remember to be safe on the ice, especially early ice.   First ice can be a tricky time of year, so be sure to take extra steps to insure your safety.  Such as fish with a buddy, let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back,  taking along a life jacket, rope and ice picks is never a bad idea.  Be safe and good fishing this ice season!


2015 Al & Bob's Ice Night

Al & bobs Ice Flier 2015

December 3rd  5-8pm join Steph and Chas at Al & Bob’s Sports on Division in Grand Rapids for the first of many Ice Seminars.    Scott DeVries promises all kinds of deals on ice fishing equipment.    Enjoy special food and beverage offerings from Schmohz and The Grillin Guys, while you learn some of the tricks that the guys use fishing here in Michigan and in the World Championships in Europe.


Al & bobs Ice Flier 2015

MI Ice Guys on Fox 17


We hosted the Michigan Practice for USA Ice team and had Brody Carter from Fox 17 come out and learn more about WIFC XII. Check out his report here